WINGS Ministry Prayer Requests

The ladies of Redeemed Ministries’ WINGS group are so excited that we are sharing these prayer requests with you. We cannot tell you how much it means to them. As mentioned previously, these women are currently serving time in a local jail. Thankfully, the bars do not keep out the love of Christ and his movement in their lives. Please take time to pray over each petition from these sweet and beautiful women.

We have even more requests from last week!

Linda W. – On Nov. 7th I signed for two years TDCJ.  I need prayer for strength, grace and courage to make through this ordeal.  I also need prayer that I’ll be able to be in a spiritual dorm in Dayton.  I really feel I need this in my new walk with Jesus!  Also pray for Aamori and keep her safe in my absence.  Thank you and God Bless.

Shannon – I would like prayer for change!  Change in mentality.  Guidance, strength, and mercy in doing what is right.  Prayer for a good court outcome.  Thank you!  God Bless You!

Mary K. – Pray for my son Allen Kelly and family, wife and four kids, the a/c and heating system caught on fire.  Pray for my daughter Misty K., she is having a hard time with pregnancy, single mom of a daughter.  Thank you for all the prayers for my children, but keep the prayers coming.  Thank you and may God Bless you for you all have helped me.  I get out 12/18/12, moving to my daughter’s for a few weeks. Thank you and God Bless You!

Lisa C. – I pray that I do the right thing and be a better person for my kids.  So they will not be in this type of place once they are older.  And I hope my family forgives me for everything wrong I have done.  I wish I could change everything.

LaSondra C. – God, pray for my release so I can go home to my family and my job so I can continue on a great journey and new path in life!  Thanks, much love.

LaShontaye – Could you pray for my family, friends and Enemy and for my kids who truly missing me and especially my mom that’s always there for me and helps me build my faith stronger daily.

Crystal G. DJ – Please pray that I find good work that I can grow with.  I also need guidance and steadfastness with all things in family, hobby, church, faith, work and court.  I pray for grace in the courts and for my lawyers to be able to open the DA and Judge’s heads.  Overall, I want to be able to support myself finally and remain healthy.

Dee – Protect and watch over my children.  Prayer for their guardian’s strength and patience.  Prayer for employment.

Anonymous – Help me stay on the right path and make me and my father’s relationship stronger and guide my daughter and help her stay on track and not stray away.

Felicia – Pray for stability.

Cheryl – I would like prayer for my family and my upcoming court date 11/26/12.  Please pray for me.

Kim – Please pray that I make it home for the holidays to be with my children.

Emily – I pray for my pregnant mom who is in the hospital until the child’s birth, that my five younger brothers to be strong, my step-father to be able to provide for them all while I’m away.  I pray with the faith of a child that the Good Lord send me home and keeps me in the heart of my judge for my hearing on Nov. 30th.  No matter what my Father is always with me.

Tiffany T. – Pray for my wisdom.  And my family.

Mila – Please pray my mom, JoEllen, does well on her job interview, she’s been without work a while with my son and it’s hard while I’m in here.  For peace and prosperity for JoEllen, Mikal (four years old), Mila (self).  Jonathon and his Grandmaw.  I go home in 26 days, give my son hope and health and love (and my mom) until I can be with them soon.  Thank you.

Tyla – Thank you Lord for bringing me back from the dead and never leaving me.  Thank you Lord for blessing me with strength, understanding and wisdom.  Thank you for taking addiction away and protecting my family with the blood of Jesus.  You say Believe and have Faith, ask and I shall receive, so thank you Father.  The things I ask are already received.

Stephanie – Prayer for safe return of volunteers, family near and far, and thankful for the blessings and changes in my life.  Prayer for marriage and emotional and spiritual help for my husband, Mike.  Hope and strength for the world with just enough for me.  In Jesus name.  Thank you and God Bless.

Sarah – I’m sick!!!

K – Please pray for transition from County to TDC prison.  I have been given a five year sentence and will be up for parole in seven months, April 13th.  My attorney and his parole attorney friend feel there is no reason why I should not be granted parole.  Thank you, God Bless

Melinda A. – My aunt is in the hospital, please pray for her health and my dad’s.

Bentranique J. – Pray that I continue to do well with my fasting in silence, and that God will rain a supernatural breakthrough.

Shayla – I ask for prayer for my family and friends on the outside, I ask prayer for their health both mentally and physically.  I also pray that my walk with Christ is perfected and that God gives me strength to resist temptation.

Demetrice H. – Please pray I go home soon.  Thanks, God Bless!!

Keewanda G.  – Can you pray for my mother, she is in the hospital and she ain’t doing good.  Pray that she find God so that she could go to heaven.

Dona F. – PRAY REPEAT PRAY I go to court Wednesday, please pray I get a 1244A and go home to my children.  I really miss them and want to be home for Christmas and start teaching them about the wonderful man I met here.  GOD.

Victoria – I received pictures and a letter from my dad today.  Pictures of my family house and doggies who just had puppies.  Please pray for angels watching over them and help me with my homesickness.

Lori P. – I need prayer to help me keep strong with my court date coming up on 12/13/2012.  Also to help me have patience with being bonded out before the holidays get here.

Catalina T. – November 13 court, prayer for probation.

Tracie & Eusebio – Please pray for  me and my husband.  Our court date is November 16, 2012.  Our case will hopefully be dismissed.

Ceakarsheme B. – Pray my strength in the Lord.  I need longer patience with taking care of things without getting angry and giving up.

Clara Y. – Please pray for my sister Eryka young for a speedy recovery.  She totaled her vehicle on Saturday.  Ran off into two ditches and hit a light pole.

Anonymous – Please pray for my husband Leroy P., my sons Rudy V (26), Richard V (24), Ryan V (22), grandson Richard Jr. (4).  Thank you!

Samantha R. – Prayer.  I go to court on November 15, 2012, Thursday, please pray for me.

Kesha – I want prayer for my family so they can be sensitive to my needs as a Believer and my spiritual growth.

Shana – Please pray for my family, please pray for release between today’s date and court on November 29th.

Yalonda – 1) Pray for my strength in the Father and keeping His commandments…  2) Pray for my pregnant daughter … I am not there and I am constantly worried about her…