WINGS Ministry Update & Prayer Requests

We are so excited to share with you some of the amazing highlights from one of Redeemed Ministries’ newest programs: WINGS Ministry. WINGS reaches out to women who are incarcerated on prostitution charges in Houston. The WINGS mentors are specifically meeting with those who will be released from prison within 30 to 90 days.

This is a relatively new part of our ministry, but God is already at work. WINGS mentors share with these women on a weekly basis and have had extensive training for this specific ministry. They hold Bible studies and talk about God’s view on relationships and self-identity. Mentors also help to prepare these women for seeking a new life outside of prison and prostitution by equipping them with job and interview skills. The first week they ministered to 48 women!

Last week the WINGS mentors asked these ladies if they might share their prayer requests with volunteers and supporters of Redeemed Ministries on our blog. They said yes! In fact, they were touched by the thought that they would be prayed for by so many people.

Will you join us in covering these requests with prayer? He will meet these ladies where they are, amen?

Michelle  – That God’s will is for me to go home to my two sons.  That God lets the Judge have mercy on me to home.  That my kids and family are safe with no worries.   Thank you!

Lindy  – Please pray for my family and I.  To stay strong and safe thru this difficult time I’ve put them thru and that I get out tomorrow or soon and my relationship with my family is reborn.  Please keep them safe for me, til’ I return to them.  Thank you and God Bless.

Geneva – Pray for me tomorrow when I go to court and when I walk out of here.

Kendall – Please pray for my continue walk with God.

Adrienne  – For my husband and infant son to be watched over and kept safe for the remainder of my sentence.  Thank you.

Emily  – I pray that I understand God’s will, that he watches over my sick mom and five baby brothers.  I pray I am favored in court that my Judge sees I am new, out with the old.  Pray to the Lord I stay with a right head, as determined for the Good as I have been, I pray for peace of mind.

Linda – my children are James, Joseph, Amber and Aamari.  I would love for you to pray that we will be reunited very soon.  That God will open my heart and soul to his plan for me so I will do things His way and not my own.  Thank you and God Bless You All.

Tamika – I’m asking that a prayer is said to help me with my new walk with the Lord and my family to become back closer with me.  I’m needing prayer for my business.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Amanda – Pray for me.  I am tired and torn apart.  Need prayer to get through this battle.  I’m drifting day by day.  Sick and Tired.  Tired.  Sick.

Mila  – Please pray for God to continue to work and grow in my life in ALL aspects of my life.  To guide me in the right path for success.  For Mikal, my four year old to know his mommy loves him and will be home December 9th, for God and Jesus to walk with him in these lonely times with me as well.  For PEACE for my mom and son and self.  Forgiveness from my mom and family.  Happiness and Health for Jonathon and Gmaw and both families.

Weslayan  – Can you pray for my family and wan I go home.

Latisha – Please pray for me that I am going to get through my trials and tribulations and that  the Lord has all my problems in his hands and Ima come home soon and I love her dearly.

Donnelly – To be reconciled soon to my family and to stay focused in my surrender to God, and to grow even closer to Him, for my transition to rehab to be smooth and for my children to be blessed and safe.

No Name – Please pray for my boys to be safe until I get home Scotty and Travis R..  Also for my relationship to be strong enough to still be there when I get out I have to go to TDC.  Please pray for Marilyn r. and Michael K. to stay as in love with each other as always, stand the test of time.

Roxanne – Pray for my husband, children and grandchildren and parents.  Give us strength as I go to serve my time at TDC drug program.

C. Davis – I would like pray for my family.  Pray for the Judge.  For all these ladies in here.

T. Cox – Pray for me to no longer to struggle with addiction, also to strengthen my walk with the Lord, and put me back with my family, especially my kids.

Elva – This evening I’m requesting to be on the prayer list.  For grace.  Pray for me that I am walking in with Christ and that I stay covered in the blood of Jesus.  Please pray that I have a peaceful life.  Thank you!

Ashley – Please pray for my daughter, Dylan G., my mom and dad and stepdad, Becky K., Earl J., Tom K., Rigby and Mason.  And please pray that I find God’s strength with me when I leave to do His Will.  Thank you!

Crystal – For all my relationships, my family, friends and spouse to repair all the damages in all our lives.  To bring peace to all of our hurts so that our hearts can heal and recover so that we can all be forgiven and forgive all the pain there is in our lives.  Especially my mother’s heart, she didn’t deserve this.

Amanda – Please pray for my family’s safety and please be sure to pray for my kid’s safety also pray for my husband in TDC.   Pray for me for I’m about to go to ISF please pray I will be alright.

Evelyn – Please pray for my family and me that I get a better understanding in the word and a new beginning in life with the Lord.  A positive job so that I won’t go down the wrong rode again.  Pray my mother don’t go astray and stay on the walk with Jesus.  Thank you.

Darneisia D. – I just want you to pray for me on getting my daughter back and getting my self back on the right track with God.  I want you to pray for my mother on her illness and just hope she gets better.

Lori – I need prayer for my walk with God to grow and grow each and everyday.  I want to be able to keep walking the walk and talking the talk for my daughter.

Mary K. – Please pray for my children my son Allen K. needs help find a good job he the father of 4 girls and one son a baby on the way in January.  My daughter Misty K. single mom has a little girl and a baby boy that will be here early and no way or one to her daughter because I hope to get out in November.  But my out date is Dec 8, 2012 will not be for 3 for 1.  But I believe with prayer God will if it is His will.  Thank you very much for all the prayer.

Shayla – I ask in prayer that the Lord forgives me for all my sins and that He blesses my two daughters Layla and Kayla.  Also for everyone in this re-entry program to think positive and be positive.

S. Coleman – I would like for you to pray for my strength and over coming this bad situation I’m in and hopefully I will be going home soon.  Thanks a lot…

Taylor – Lord please allow me to receive 14 months in the county jail so I can move on with my life and be the best mother and future wife and daughter.   Amen.  P. S. Pray for K. B!

C. Young – I would like to pray for my family and me surviving this jail sentence.  Thank you Redeemed Ministries.

Thank you for joining us as we lift up these prayers.